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March 07, 2008


George Sherry


I will later in the week take a look at your material, but first I need to know four things:

Ø Who is your target audience?

Ø What do you want to achieve (what actions or outcomes)?

Ø You are looking for feedback in which specific areas?

Ø Are you using an editor?


Hi George, great to hear from you. Thanks for responding to my request for comments.

My target market is specifically Business Owners, Salespeople, Marketers, Independent Agents and anyone who is regularly responsible for generating sales and sales prospect appointments. Ideally, these readers need or want to:

• Make a LOT more money than they are making now, typically another $100,000 easily and without much more time or work spent in prospecting
• Value professional and personal improvement
• Strive for excellence
• Understand that selling is about relationships and that personal referrals are the best form of introduction
• Are willing to pay in both $ and time of 2 hours a week to see an minimum 2,000% Return On Investment

The desired outcome of regular readership is to:

• Generate interest in my free whitepaper, “The 10 Big Breakthroughs in a Sales Persons Life,”
• Generate attendance to my local seminars and workshops and sign up profit seekers who want to have at least 500 more ideal client prospect meetings within the next 12 months by participating in Automatic Appointments
• Create comments and links to other credible bloggers to build brand awareness and readership
• Educate readers on selling through Alliance Partners, a practice I believe is underdeveloped and not understood

Feedback is greatly appreciated as:

• Comments to the blog about specific posts or subjects
• Links or trackbacks to other bloggers’ posts on related subjects
• General applause or atta-boys on how good looking or smart I am

As to the question, am I using an editor?

• Not currently, but would always consider it if the right value proposition were made
• I am always seeking weblog co-authors in the area of PR, Marketing, Sales, Small Business Management, Training or Coaching
• I would consider hiring an amanuensis (cool word, huh? http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/archive/2008/03/01.html )

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