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March 28, 2008


Chris Brown

I agree that many sales people need their own web presence, however I really think it depends on the product or service they are selling.

While LinkedIn makes a great networking tool for the individual, I don't think it's great for selling product. And having individual web pages on a company's website for each sales person may make sense for independent busineses with sales reps, sometimes the united front makes more sense for a company.

One effective means of leveraging contacts is to swim upstream to the referral network and marketing to them. Depending on the product or service, I think that this is more effective than even having a web page or blog presence.


Thanks, Chris, for the comments and validating my final point which is how to not only market to the referral network but to be strategic, purposeful and accountable to producing results for each other. The results are usually remarkable when you have 3 to 4 consultants trained to be advisors setting appointments with ideal prospects for each other.

My leading point that even corporate, team members of a sales force could have a web presence stresses the suggestion that all relationship-oriented sales professionals should market themselves as an expert to establish credibility and consistency which are foundations to building trust and closing the sale. People do business with people even as companies buy other companies' products and services.

I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing your future posts!

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