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May 13, 2008


Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

I've experienced a LOT of success by sharing something I've found, seen or read with clients. I do this via voicemail, e-mail, telephone calls, handwritten notes.

Just last week, I attended a training course, and the first night (of the 5-day class) I went to Amazon and bought and sent the presenter a book. We had talked about it on one of the breaks, and it was my way of sharing what I knew...with someone who was sharing what she knew.

My goal is to be seen, and experienced, as a connector. The hub of a wheel that connects people, with ideas, with products, with experienced that have a positive effect...

Rick Dassler, Alliance Science

Excellent comment, Jason. Speaking of sharing information, thanks again for your book recommendation, "Don't Shoot the Dog." Look for a post soon on how some of author Karen Pryor's ideas apply to the sales process. Love your blog, http://www.jasonwomackblog.com/.

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